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P Series

Heavy Duty Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

A super heavy duty, sealless Diaphragm pump designed for continuous operation of the most demanding fluids. Whether it be sludge, abrasives, corrosives or any combination of the three, RamParts® pumps are built to take the punishment.

  • Size Range 1½" - 6"
  • Flows to 380 GPM
  • Pressures to 125 PSIG
  • Temperatures to 300° F
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iPC Series Plug and Play Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

iPC Series

Plug and Play Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

Connect an air line and start pumping, no electronics required. The air control system of an air driven diaphragm pump is an essential factor in pump performance. The patent pending Integrated Pneumatic Control System is constructed with durable, time-proven RAMPARTS® components.

  • Plug & Play
  • Air Driven
  • Intermitent or Continuous Duty
  • Independent Control of Suction & Discharge Strokes
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State of The Art Controllers

Complete Control and Monitoring Solution For Your Pumping System

The Ramparts Pumps are controlled by a solid-state controller and 4-way solenoid valve. The controller provides independant adjustment of suction and discharge pressures and can be remote located. The DRC controller is a true current device with an input impedance of 50 Ohms or less. The solid-state digital circuit board includes the following features:.

  • Power On/Off
  • 5 Amp Fuse
  • Configurator shunt for cycles per minute/hour
  • LED to Indicate Operation
Ramparts Pumps controlled by solid-state controller
Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump

Rugged and Reliable Lined Hydraulic Pumps

Ramparts Pro-Flo elastomer lined (vertically split) end suction centrifugal pumps are specially designed for chemical process and mild slurry applications. Pro-Flo offers outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals both acid and alkali. Pro-Flo pumps feature a unique hydraulic design that incorporates a tangential discharge, which guarantees continuous pumping performance and efficiency.

  • Available in four sizes
  • Elastomer Lined
  • Handles spherical solids up to 1”
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Everything For Your Pumping System

RamParts air chamber type Pulsation dampener

Pulsation Dampeners

RamParts® air chamber type Pulsation dampener is an economical means of reducing and absorbing pressure variations on the discharge of the pump by as much as 50%!

RamParts leak detector

Leak Detectors

RamParts® leak detector is designed to simply screw into a port in the upper chamber of the pump and works in conjunction with the pump controller to shut the pump down electrically in case of diaphragm rupture.

RamParts Sidekick

Sidekick ™

RamParts® Sidekick™ was developed to make pump inspection quick and easy. SideKick™ enables the pump top works to safely hinge from the bottom bowl assembly providing unobstructed full view and access to pump interior.

RamParts iPS in-line Pump Piping basket strainers


RamParts iPS™ high performance in-line Pump/Piping basket strainers deliver maximum flow and chemical resistance while protecting your pumps downstream equipment from the catstrophic damage of in-line debris.

RamParts iCV Ball Swing check valves

Inline Ball Valves

RamParts rugged iCV Ball & Swing check valves are specifically designed to prevent reverse flow and aid in the reduction of the damaging effects of water hammer. They provide super high flow rates with minimal pressure drop and allow for maximum solid size passage!

RamParts Pump Stands

Pump Stands

RamParts® also offers custom pump stands when needed. The stands make pump installatin quicker and cost less than cement foundation systems. The Pump stands are standard carbon steel construction o optional stainless steel.

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June 1, 2018

(5) more FlangeX machines being manufactured

FlangeX Machines manufactured

(5) more FlangeX machines being manufactured

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About RamParts Pumps

The rugged construction and extra-thick pump casing of Ramparts air driven diaphragm pumps stand up to the abuses of the most demanding sludge and slurry applications. They overcome the “high-wear” problem commonly found in double diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps. Air Driven Diaphragm pumps are capable of operating dry on suction lifts up to 20 feet (6.5 m) and handling liquids with solid contents up to approximately 70%. Depending on pump model, they will pass up to 3" (76 mm) diameter spherical solids. (Solids size is determined by check valve type.) Pump stroke rate, discharge stroke time, suction drive pressure and discharge drive pressure can all be adjusted independently. Pumps will easily handle heavy sludges at their rate of accumulation in clarifiers and settling basins. When it comes to handling heavy sludges and slurries, there’s only one name you need to know—Ramparts Pumps.

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